House Extension plans

Professional Plans drawn for your House Extension

There is a good chance the main question you are asking now is ‘how much will it all cost and what’s the next step?

While it’s impossible for me to answer that accurately on building costs (estimate around £1000-1200 per sq m), I can positively say that I can save you literally thousands by opting for an Architectural Technician like myself over a larger architects practise.  Just think…. that’s money that could be put towards a better kitchen or those nice Bi-fold doors you were thinking about!

A typical single storey extension fee quote is usually between £399 and £599 and INCLUDES a measured survey of your house, Planning permission drawings AND Building Regulation drawings. I also complete all the forms and submit the applications for you. In short, I work with you on everything from initial design discussions through to having a set of approvals and construction drawings ready for your builder to start. Check with others as some charge this amount PER STAGE

Sometimes an additional consultant is needed, such as a structural engineer but I will advise on that when I provide the quote for you. I work with a number of Engineers and consultants so I can also take the hassle out of finding and liaising with this too.

  The process

The process is not as intimidating as you maybe imagine. It’s my job to make it as easy and as stress free as possible for you.

  1. It starts by asking me for a quote to draw up your plans etc. Once that is accepted I will call to your house and measure up. We usually have a chat about your ideas and I can usually offer some suggestions you may not have considered. I will then start drawing the existing and proposed plans up. Initially these are simple so we can run through all the options, move doors and walls around etc until you are happy with the layout and look. This is all included so no worries about escalating costs.
  2. Once you are happy with a layout I will put together the planning package and submit the application for you. I will continue to liaise with the planners until the decision comes through, usually around 8 weeks.
  3. We also need to produce the building regulation drawings, which your builder will also use to construct the extension. These drawings are technical and carry a lot of information on things like insulation, drainage, ventilation, structure and fire precautions. Once complete I will submit for Building Regulation approval for you. This takes around 5 weeks so most clients like to submit at the same time as planning permission so both permissions are approved at the same time.
  4. You can also use this time to obtain quotes from builders and get them booked in to start work.

As mentioned, for a professional like myself it’s a simple and straightforward process and I’m here to ensure that the experience is the same for you.

Lets get started!

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